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Ryan Benton - hanging around outside

Easygoing. Caring. Techie. Me.

Meet your new favorite designer

In 1993 my dad brought home a modem and a piece of software called America Online. My first reaction as the modem dialed was "cool sound effects". My dad quickly informed me that what I was hearing was the actual sound of the phone connecting to the web, which burst my bubble — but I've been strongly connected to the Internet ever since.

I've been coding websites for almost 15 years. From sites filled with annoying animated gifs and background music, to landing pages that took forever to load, and up through the sites we have today, it's been fun to watch the web evolve from the start. Now is an exciting time, with endless possibilities for design, functionality and fresh content. I'm blessed to be a part of it.

When I'm not plugged in, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kelly, and our longhaired dachshund, Maggie. I'm a music lover at the core — whether it's listening to a new album, watching a concert, or playing guitar on my church's worship team, good music makes me happy. I enjoy watching movies and TV, hanging around outside, and taking on home renovation projects, which always seem to turn out well... no matter how clueless I am at the start.